JIMEV1SOFTWARE.COM Privacy Policy Statement

In simple non technical terms our privacy policy is simple. We are in the business of selling Computer Software, not customer information. We go home at night just like you do and we don′t want anyone invading your privacy with junk mail and annoying phone calls anymore than we want it to happen to us. So when you give us your private information, it is stored securely. It is never sold or traded. We collect information on this site to enable us to process your order efficiently, contact you about your order, and to improve our site. To do so, we need your name, phone number, billing address, shipping address (if different than your billing address) and your email address. This information is all stored securely. We utilize the best encryption in the industry to safely store any information that is collected on this site. For your protection any credit card information placed on our Secure online server is erased from the secure area of the web site after 30 days. If you are just here to surf the site, you can do so with peace of mind. We aren′t going to follow you around, record anything from your computer, or otherwise interfere with your shopping experience. So come on in, look around and we hope that we can offer you a great deal on products and serviceā€¦! Thanks..!