<b> Corel Paint Shop Pro  X1(more info)</b>  Corel Paint Shop Pro X1(more info)


  • Learning Center will teach you how to edit your photos, remove objects from your photos, create collages, make the most of the Text Tool.
  • Smart Photo Fix will analyze and suggest corrections for color, exposure, and lighting problems, and you can change the corrections to suit your tastes.
  • Makeover Tools can remove blemishes, whiten teeth, brush on a suntan, and remove wrinkles.
  • Advanced Photo Editing Options include 16-bit editing, the ability to work with raw files, save out to CMYK, and color management and screen calibrations options.
  • Art Media tools include Oil Brush, Acrylic Brush, Chalk, Pastel, Crayon, Colored Pencil and Marker.
  • One-click Red-eye removal (plus the advanced option from older versions).
  • Includes 2 hours worth of Lynda.com video tutorials.
  • Includes Pixmantec RawShooter Essentials, a fully functional RAW converter that allows any level of user to get excellent results with the minimum of effort and knowledge.
  • 500 different Special Effects and new Picture Tubes
  • Object Remover will remove unwanted or difficult to clone portions of images and fills in the removed detail with portions of the remaining photo.
  • One-Step Purple Fringe Fix removes the purple glow surrounding the edges of people and objects that can appear in many digital photos.
  • High Pass Filter, one of the industry's most popular ways to sharpen digital photos.
  • One-Step Noise Fix removes digital camera noise or excess graininess with one click.
  • Color Management engine lets you read and save color profile data and ensures screen to-print color matching.
  • File Metadata lets you add copyright data and enter IPTC information. Paint Shop Pro XI metadata also obeys the EXIF rotation flag from cameras so images arrive in the application window already rotated.
  • Redesigned Layers Palette provides thumbnail views of each image layer, making it easier to use and understand.
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