<b>Corel CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO   Retail Box(more info)</b> Corel CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO Retail Box(more info)

  Add power and flexibility to your design process with CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO. Speed up your workflow! A powerful feature set and intuitive interface allow you to quickly create and enhance your projects. Create professional level art from start to finish! Designed specifically for illustrating manga and comic art, specialized features provide a complete solution all in one program.
 Draw naturally with a Tablet - Sketch, scan or import your inked artwork directly. Create original sketches using your mouse or draw naturally with a Pen Tablet. New! Frame-by-frame animation - features include adjustable timeline, onion skinning display and light table for creating seamless transitions. Export as sequential images, or in GIF or movie format. Formerly Manga Studio 5, CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO is your all-in-one solution for stunning, ready-to-publish manga and comics.
 Quickly and easily create manga and comics with s drawing tools, filters and special effects. Get started immediately with the intuitive user interface. Draw naturally with a Pen Tablet and Invigorate your artwork using the integrated color features. Express motion and moods with speed lines and focus lines while adding dialog with built-in word balloons.
Choose from tons of screen tones and add dimension to your drawings. CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO helps you create professional manga and comics from start to finish! Speed Up Your Workflow Amazing New Effects and Tools - Amazing updates to CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO make it comparable to other popular graphic applications such as Photoshop and Painter. CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO provides several advancements over Manga Studio 4 to help you create a much more professional and polished look. Fully Customizable User Interface Set up a Personal Work Flow - CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO was created with an artists' workflow in mind.

 All of the most used tools - pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, pattern brushes and selection tools are all right at your fingertips. Customize your own brush shapes, canvas textures, paint expressions and more and then save

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent.

Does not work with 64 bit version of XP or Vista.

Does not work with Windows RT.

Compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit OS.

2 GB RAM recommended.

2 GB free hard disk space recommended.

Graphic card with VRAM of 256MB or more and OpenGL 1.5 recommended.

XGA (1024×768) or higher, WXGA (1280×768) or higher, 16-Bit color display or higher.

Pen/Stylus Tablets - Wacom tablets (FAVO, Bamboo, Intuos, and Cintiq). Also known to work with Microsoft’s Surface Pro and other tablets.

Internet connection required for periodic product activation service.

DVD-ROM Drive 


Macintosh OS X 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 or newer.Intel Core 2 Duo minimum. those as your personal settings.


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